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Who We Are - Tracey Miller

Tracey has been a clinical social worker since 1986 and has worked in various positions with the Canadian government. During these years, Tracey received her BA, from the University of Winnipeg and her BSW & MSW from the University of Manitoba as well as a 2-year Masters Level Certification as Clinical Therapist in Bonding and Attachment and Trauma (Psychology) from the Mary Ainsworth Attachment Clinic associated with the University of Virginia.

Tracey has spent many years in leadership positions and has been a Master trainer for the Manitoba Provincial government training social workers as well as managers in developing Leadership skills. She was previously the Manitoba Provincial Consultant for the Family Violence Department as well as consultant for various school divisions and continues to be a Consultant for various Child Welfare agencies in the province of Manitoba. She continues to provide Mental Health Counseling for those with addictions and mental health issues for the Federal Government of Canada, Department of Health.

Tracey firm belief is that to be healthy, one must heal holistically both internally and externally. She has always been active and believes in the importance of having a strong body, strong mind and strong spirit. She participated in track and field as a youth and ran in marathons until until the age of 40, when injuries prevented her from running.

Tracey trained for her body building competition at the age of 57, that took place in Winnipeg Manitoba and placed 1st in her Figure age category (Grand Master) and 2nd in her height category.

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I am excited to bring this unique blend of healing and empowerment to you so that you can reach your highest potential and be the best that you were meant to be.

For many years, I have been a therapist assisting people with personal problems however have come to understand that personal growth and empowerment comes from healing the mind, body and spirit in a holistic manner.

As a Certified Personal Trainer and Therapist, with a vast knowledge of nutrition, I provide coaching that focuses on all 3 aspects of personal growth; the mind (healing from past trauma’s & grief), the body (strengthening the body) and spirit (feeding the mind, body and spirit nutritionally). This holistic treatment boost’s one’s internal world that is reflected on their outer world.

Mission Statement

Ageless lifestyles coaching is a unique blend of service that inspires and motivates individuals to achieve their highest quality of life thru mind, body, spirit strengthening and healing.

This service is provided by working with the individual to resolve issues that have and continue to cause pain and discomfort and is delivered in a kind, compassionate manner that is free from judgement and shame. Ageless lifestyles coaching will also assist the individual to move into body strengthening through personal fitness training in the gym or in the comfort of your home coupled with good nutritional counselling to maintain a healthy body weight. This is service is available to all ages and genders with a specialization focused on the ageing population.

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